Get help to set personal and professional goals and achieve them. Slay your dragons! Tame your gremlins! Unlock your potential.

What I can offer you …

A focused, results oriented, coaching process for achieving personal and professional goals
Effective Communication skills to avoid frustration and missed opportunity
Conflict management coaching to reduce the effects of conflict in your life

My philosophy

Success in life is a combination of good luck, being in the right place at the right time, good stars, AND having achievable goals that are in tune with your essential nature, doing good preparation and taking the actions that will get you where you want to go. Then, following it all up with gratitude and generosity.

About coaching

Coaching is a structured conversation that helps you to clarify goals, identify barriers to achieving them, and take the steps to reach them. Whether your goals relate to refocusing your career, building self-confidence, improving your interpersonal skills, conflict management and communication, reaching for your bucket list, or learning to relax, coaching can get you on the path and off the treadmill.  It is surprising how far a short series of coaching sessions can take you towards achieving long held goals.

“Many of our fears are tissue paper thin, and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them.”

Brendan Francis Behan, Irish author

Effective communication

Effective Communication skills are one of the most vital tools in life. Without them, relationships can be fraught with misunderstanding leading to confusion, wasted effort and missed opportunity. Successful communication involves effort from both the sender and receiver of a message. Some people suffer a lifetime of feeling misunderstood and are puzzled that their words are misinterpreted by others; or their thoughts and feelings unknown to a loved one. Other people are missing the point of listening. Coaching can help you develop these essential life skills.

Conflict management coaching

Conflict Management Coaching is a process that enables anyone to gain new insights about a conflict in order to discover what they can do differently to reduce the effects of the conflict on their life. I am a trained CINERGY® Conflict Coach.  Conflict Coaching provides useful insight into the way you engage in conflict. It can help you to de-escalate an existing conflict, come to terms with a past encounter, or prepare for a conversation that you anticipate may be challenging. If you have a conflict with someone within your organisation or in a personal relationship, contact me to discuss what coaching can do for you.

“The biggest communication problem is that, we do not listen in order to understand. Instead, we listen in order to reply.”

Marshall Rosenberg, founder the Centre of Nonviolent Communication

Fees: $85 – $125 per hour